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YouTube - NBA Top 10 Dunks - Greatest Dunks Of All Times

YouTube - NBA Top 10 Dunks - Greatest Dunks Of All Times

Learn how to dunk a basketball and dominate the game of basketball the way you should. If you can't jump higher in basketball or volleyball, you will not have that advantage of air control and hang time. Whether on offense or defense, jump higher in basketball will make you a better player. You can increase your shooting percentage which makes you a much better offensive player. In defense, you can block the ball and stop the opponent from scoring the ball which makes you a better defensive player.

Not only that, when you increase your vertical jump, you can increase speed, quickness, and over power on the court. If you love basketball, you definitely love to watch these greatest dunks moments. It's not only awesome to dunk in the game, but also bring more excitement to the game.

Many athletes who play basketball loves to dunk a basketball whenever they can. Although, it is difficult to reach the rim if you are shorter than 6 foot, it is possible for short people to increase enough leap to dunk. You probably have seen many short NBA dunkers such as Nate Robinson or Spud Webb. If you are under 6 feet, it is still possible to get your vertical up to 50 inches and dunk with power.

When jumping higher, you can also shoot better, block better, and run faster on the break. It is important to jump higher because your overall game will improve to the next level. Of course it is not everything, but if you can jump, you can do lots of things most athletes can't.

Jerome Lane Shattered The Glass

Greatest Dunks

This is one of the crazy NBA dunks that shattered the glass ... so cool.

How to dunk a basketball and jump higher in sports

Dunking the basketball is every basketball player's dream. It is not only cool but when you dunk on your opponent basket, it's like saying "in your face" to your opponent and it feels good. However, if you are short, it will take more time and energy for you to build that specific calve muscles and quickness to lift off the air.

One of the cool way to train your calve quickness is by using the jump higher shoes system which is proven to help you increase 8-10 inches of vertical fast. It is pretty good to strengthen your calves, shins, ankles and foot for that explosiveness and quickness when you jump. The jump higher shoes also helps you get balance and body control for more air time.

Another great program to help you jump higher and increase vertical leap in only 3 weeks is the Jump Manual system. This program has help thousands of people to achieve that 40 inches vertical or more to be able to slam dunk the basketball.

Top Ten NBA Dunks - Greatest Dunks Of All Times

Top Ten NBA Dunks - Greatest Dunks Of All Times

How to jump higher in basketball and dunk

There are many basketball players who are fascinated in planning to play basketball overseas but lose expectation when they are not picked for the National basketball association. As a matter of fact, most of these ballers are not regarded as great enough to get in the NBA. A new point to keep in mind is that NBA is produced of approximately three hundred most excellent ballers on the globe.

Construct an extraordinary application and spotlight movie to send to potential coaches and teams. By doing this could be in a position to show your abilities to groups from internatinal countries. Bear in mind, these clubs are generally thousands of kilometers away and also do not really own the capital to come visit you professionally. To make your videos to be outstanding, anyone ought to display them videos demonstrating your shooting abilities, defense, velocity, how to dunk a basketball, block, steal and all associated to the basketball game.

When you really want to get to professional level whether in Us as well as worldwide, learning how you can improve your general game for instance shooting, defensive game, as well as increase vertical leap will help you reach your goals more rapidly. For shooting the ball more accurately an individual should have the complete system in the suitable position to guarantee that you have got the best opportunity of making the shot. Initially you ought to have your formidable arm up and bent at a 90 degree angle.

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